Welcome Velkommen Karibu Bienvenue

Let start with some wisdom word!

§ A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step §


End Hunger in Africa is a dynamic charity working in rural parts of Africa to help young people escape poverty through education and agriculture.

Well, you might wander why we chose Africa and not single countries?

The answer is this: Africa is one and should function as a car-engine whereby parts depend on each other.

The continent is suffering of many different problems but the most painful is HUNGER.

Our major point is to focus on FOOD, people need food and the continent is too rich and capable to produce enough food for the people.

Of course there is instability in some part of Africa but not every where! and we cant just give up and expect for miracles to happen,  we must act now and together at once.

We just need your physical, material and moral support to achieve the goals of End Hunger in Africa